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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> a little more than 24 hours until the next powerball numbers are drawn. >> we break down what the growing jackpot means for your chances at winning. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm ginger gadsden. >> glad you're with us. i'm matt austin. our other big story at 5:30 is how cold it is today. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. it feels like winter this week. >> it really does.
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the normal daytime high is 71. >> all right. that's cool. >> we get back to the afternoons and we're not doing so badly. the overnight lows are so low at night we have the widespread frost in the morning. and we have a widespread frost advisory in marion county. some of you in the north, marion county, most specifically, between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m., you have a frost advisory in effect so be ready for that. the overnight lows this morning, we dropped to 32 in ocala. 37 in the villages and 28 in gainesville and 41 was the low this morning in orlando. right now, we're talking about daytime highs going into the books at 67 in orlando, 63 in ocala and 64 in the villages. your on-the-town forecast for tonight, temperatures dropping through the 50's, down to about 51 by 10 p.m. i'll pinpoint overnight lows where you live a little later. right now, candace campos continues our team coverage from the newsroom. she has a closer look at record-breaking temperatures
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january we're having. >> yeah, tom. it's crazy just to think that a few weeks ago we were whining and complaining about how hot it was for the month of december. we had the warmest christmas on record. let's just look at the facts here. all the red and all the blue, you can see we'll see temperatures on thursday, december 3rd, temperatures were actually below average. we hit it again on the 7th and one more time on the 19th. that's completely across the board for the month of december. so now let's actually look at temperatures, though, when it comes to january. this is the big money shot right here. we're finally starting to see some temperatures. you can see starting up on the 3rd through the 6th, temperatures are now below the average. and look, 10th through the 12th, we had a nice little stretch and it looks like we'll stay on a cooler side as tom's been saying. the average is 71 degrees. that's kind of our main temperature.
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by the time the 23rd rolls around, the average now starts to go up and the warming trend throughout the rest of the year will continue. enjoy the nice cold weather while we've still got it. >> it only lasts a short period of time. thank you. >> in the cold temperatures, orlando police are doing their part and getting results by keeping people warm. >> the department hosted a drive-thru collection point. it happened this morning. drivers could come and drop off coats and blankets at the collection site downtown. they didn't even have to get out of their car to do it. it was an idea inspired by a deputy chief after he saw a homeless man trying to keep warm with just a sheet. >> kind of hit home. to him. he was so appreciative of what we did. >> some of the clothes and blankets donated today went to the coalition for the homeless. the rest of them will be kept in the back of patrol cars for officers to distribute on the >> don't forget, you can get
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radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> we're following breaking news right now at 5:30. the pentagon is saying it briefly lost contact with two small navy ships sailing in the persian gulf this afternoon. we're told the pentagon has gotten assurances from iran that the crew and vessels will be returned to the u.s. safely and promptly. we'll bring you any updates on the situation as soon as we get them. >> the powerball jackpot isn't done growing just yet, if you can believe that. today it went up to $1.5 billion. >> as if 1 billion was not enough. with numbers that huge, it can really confusing, especially when you try to figure out the odds of winning. erik von ancken is joining us live from winter park. we're not using that fuzzy
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you found someone who can break it all down and make it easier for us to understand, right? >> by the way, i heard about that. you probably remember last week i was using paper stars to represent the odds of folks like this nice lady winning the jackpot, right? well, tonight i'm using grains of sand. >> we measured about four ounces of sand and then poured all of it out into a bowl. certainly there's no way to count all of these tiny grains. you see how small they are compared to a penny, but those who tried based on the almost microscopic size of fine sand grains, there are about 300 million of them in 4 ounces, roughly. which means this bowl represents the number of possible number roughly. >> by putting in this here and then picking the right one out again, that would be pulling the winning combination out.
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teach kids about odds. she's the director of math nasium in winter park. she dropped the one grain of sand colored purple and drops it in the bowl. the purple grain is bigger than a regular grain, only so we could actually cover it purple. still scoop after scoop -- >> you can pull from all over the purple sand. it's not an easy task. >> the odds are 1 in 292 million don't change even though more people are buying tickets. perhaps the most ever. your odds of winning always stay the same. >> the odds of somebody winning, though, do go up the more people play. so the only way to increase your odds is do what this gentleman is doing, buying more tickets with more combinations.
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powerball myths debunked. >> so you're saying there's a chance. i like it. erik von ancken live for us. thank you very much. you can catch that drawing one spot live here on news 6 before news 6 at 11:00. >> well, police have just released a new picture of the car that may have been involved in a shooting at an orlando apartment complex. police say the 36-year-old lawrence pipkin, jr. was found shot to death on new year's eve at the village apartment apartments on martins way off lake orlando parkway. investigators are asking for your help to find this car. we're told it's a silver dodge durango with tinted windows and a dent in the driver's door. police believe the suspect got into this vehicle to leave the scene of the shooting. if you recognize it, you're asked to call crime line right away. here's the number. 1-800-423-tips. >> covering volusia county new, two parents are facing multiple charges tonight accused of leaving their three children at
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drug paraphernalia. jason broom is now behind bars and deputies are looking for his wife, josephine, after patrolling deputies say they spotted their 3-year-old walking down the road in de land. investigators tell us when they returned the child to a nearby trailer park, they found drug paraphernalia in several rooms and alcohol in the fridge. the kids are now in the custody of d.c.f. >> now it's time to get a check of the roads with julie broughton. >> we're checking it out right now, what's going on along 417 at boggy creek road. it's getting hard to see on this camera. but we're getting reports of a crash on boggy creek road and 417. you can see the car beginning to move again, really slow on boggy creek and the 417 because of an earlier crash. keep that in mind if you're heading out in that area. we're watching what's going on in eastern orange county where there's a crash at state road 436 and old cimarron boulevard
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and we're watching a crash on sand lake road at apopka vineland road if you're heading out in this area, expect some delays because of that. through the downtown area, i-4 is slow in each direction. i-4 eastbound from the turnpike up to state road 408 average speed there 10 to 23 miles per hour. so the drive times here. >> thank you, julie. coming up tonight at 11:00 -- >> it's called the hidden addiction. your spouse, child or even your parents may be doing it and you have no idea. i'm talking about gambling. >> with the click of a mouse, you can lose everything. >> i'm news 6 investigator eryka washington, tonight at 11:00, we take a closer look at this growing problem of gambling and how it's affecting more and more families.
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and barnham & bailey circus is coming to florida, but not everyone gets to go to the show. >> and why this was so much more than just having some fun. >> the circus came to the hospital today where these clowns and a bunch of other acts came by to deliver the best dose of medicine. laughter. >> yes. >> nice, yeah. >> these doctors are prescribing a new medication for the patients at arnold palmer hospital for children. each laugh is a dose to help them feel better. >> it's important for them to laugh. it's important for them to smile. it's important for them to spend time with their families doing other things outside of a clinical space or hospital room. >> that's why ringling brothers and barnham & bailey brought the circus to the patients. clowns performing silly skits
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>> what was your favorite clown moment? >> when they told her to jump when they blew the whistle. >> i think it's cool how they bring things like this here to get out of the room and get outside and see new people and be able to laugh when they're going through hard times. it's awesome. >> along with the smiles, the circus brought another gift, a $10,000 donation to go toward the hospital's pediatric cancer research. >> to make sure that families not just in central florida but all over the united states, benefit from that research. >> ringling brothers is helping with that mission through the new cancer research involving their elephants. >> this is bigger than anything we've ever done. we may be on the cusp of curing this terrible disease. >> ringling brothers and barnham & bailey's legends will be hosting shows at the amway center, thursday the 14th through monday the 18th.
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prices at the pump right now. still ahead, why oil company employees are certainly not. >> plus, one central florida school is getting results. what their new program is doing to take their students places they've only ever dreamed about without leaving the classroom. >> we have another cold night ahead for central florida. not as cold as last night, but really close. frost advisory is in effect for marion county until 9 a.m. i'll be back to pinpoint the overnight lows where you live and carry you hour by hour through tomorrow. >> and do you share your netflix password with someone?
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>> virtual reality is moving into classrooms here in central florida. and the technology is taking students where they have never gone before. >> morning anchor bridgett ellison has more on the new
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results for our schools". >> this week, we're at the winter park 9th grade center where the students here are among the first in florida to try out a virtual field trip program called the google expedition pioneer program. >> we saw laboratories and what people did. >> these students are getting a sneak peek at the up and coming google expedition of virtual reality field trip program designed especially for the classroom. >> everyone was acting shocked. we'd never seen this before. it was the first time. we didn't know technology could go so far. >> it's a phone that's inserted into a cardboard viewer and it's an app that you download and it makes the images come to life. >> when she heard google was testing out the program in select schools, media specialist ginger carter signed up winter park 9th grade center right away. now they're among the first to see it and try it out. >> i feel it's important that they get as many experiences
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can start being creative and thinking about all their possibilities out there for their future careers that we don't even know what is out there yet. >> the program, while innovative, is not meant to replace traditional field trips but add to the possibilities. >> for parents and teachers, we want to expose the kids to as many enriching experiences as possible. but the places we can't go, how valuable is this to connect them to the curriculum. >> and imagine that! >> there are google cardboards here in the media center for students to check out anytime, but the plan for next school year is to have full classroom sets teachers can check out anytime to take their students anywhere in the world. >> now, for more about the expeditions pioneer program, facebook page. very cool stuff. >> well, low gas prices, great news for drivers, but not so
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putting that fuel in your tank. >> yeah, bp made a major announcement today. they'll be firing employees. it plans to cut 4,000 jobs over the next two years. mostly in the areas of oil exploration and production. this comes as the price for crude hits a 12-year low and it just seems to keep falling. it had a better day today. the company is based out of london and employees thousands of workers in texas and alaska. >> if you're sick of parking your car every night when you get home, tesla is here to help. >> i hate parking my car. >> if i could only not park my car. the company is introducing new park themselves. it allows models to park in garages or normal spaces without anybody behind the wheel. it does not include parallel parking, though. the car can also exit the spot when the driver summons it. these updates will go into about 60,000 cars and will be available in just a few weeks.
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live in an apartment. you've got groceries, dropping off by the elevator. >> whistle for it to come or whatever. >> yeah, that would be nice. otherwise -- >> no thank you. >> not very useful. >> the c.e.o. of netflix now says sharing is caring. >> at least when it comes to the movie streaming service. the c.e.o. of netflix says he would not feel -- you should not feel guilty about using a friend or family member's account credentials to watch movies online. he says people who share someone else's account for a short time usually become paying customers in the future, making sharing a very good thing for the company. >> it is true. >> that's what happened to me. >> i never felt bad about it when i was doing it. >> oh, no. >> it was more people sucking off my account. that's the way it goes. >> i did it exactly the other way. >> you tried it out and you had to have it.
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what's he going to do? how's he going to crack down on is that? >> yeah, you can't get the toothpaste back in the tube. >> the overnight low this morning was 41. man, it was cold. tonight we're going back down into the 40's. not as cold as last night. still cold enough, i've got blue on my map. i want to warn you, advise you about the frost advisory in marion county from 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. tomorrow. widespread patchy frost is expected in putnam county tomorrow. for most of us, no watches or warnings, except for you in marion county. here's the radar tonight. not much to look at, huh? it's kind of funny how the radar doesn't matter right now. the daytime high rebounded to 67 after the overnight low of 41. not quite back to the average warm day. this time of year, we normally hit a high of 71. we missed it by 4 degrees.
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record-setting weather for a while. across the southeast tonight, it is on the cool side. we're holding at 47 in nashville, jacksonville, 57 and as we come into your backyard, the temperature readings are 59 in the villages. 62 in a lot of spots. from orlando to leesburg to daytona beach, still 65 in brevard county and melbourne. 64 in cocoa beach and out at the cape, 60. where do we go from here? the weather story calls for the frost advisory to be up during the overnight tonight. wednesday, sunny and cool. but on thursday, rain chances return but not until late and the other side of that is we're starting to warm up a whole lot by thursday. tonight, a few clouds will roll in, helping us from orlando to the south to hang on to some of our heat that we were able to pick up during the day today. from orlando to the north and the west, it just stays on the chilly side. marion county is the lone spot that has the frost advisory. by thursday, look at how much
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lining us up for some action overnight thursday night. by action, i mean rain, showers, maybe even a rumble of thunder. overnight lows tonight in the 40's in most spots. new smyrna beach 38. 43 will do it in orlando. 31 to 32 in ocala. 37 in the villages and down south we're dropping into the 40's in most spots. 43 is the official overnight low tonight in the city beautiful. here is tomorrow. >> 46 degrees at 8 a.m. tomorrow in daytona beach. 57 by noon. the daytime high, about 65 degrees. so we're in the mid-60's tomorrow, back to 70 on thursday. when does the rain show up? overnight thursday night into friday. friday looks to be a showery kind of day with rain chances at 60%. saturday we dry a bit, 74. sunday, 65. for dr. king's birthday on monday, the daytime high will be
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>> severe weather and snowy
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caused a 40-car pile-up. >> it happened near the ohio and indiana border late this morning. most of the vehicles involved in the huge crash were actually semi trucks and trailers. amazingly, only six people suffered minor injuries, not life-threatening stuff. it happened during two rounds of storms that hit the area hard during the morning commute. >> it was a bad day for a pod of whales in india today. >> officials there say more than 80 got stuck on shore overnight. take a look. leaders with the port town in the country's southern coast says a short fin pilot whales started washing up on the beaches last night. 36 of the mammals so far have been returned to the ocean but town leaders say some of those whales found their way back to the beach unfortunately. >> not many people know why that happens either. >> yeah. >> new details tonight on pint-sized puppy stolen from an orlando pet store.
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showed you the dog being snatched. orlando police tweeted these pictures today. they say one of their detectives was able to convince the suspect to return the little puppy. we checked and right now orlando police are not telling us whether the suspect is under arrest. but they do know the puppy is safe and sound and adorable. >> it is so adorable. it's hard to even see he's so tiny and just stands there. >> just a little bitty ball of fur. it's so cute. >> lisa bell is here with the news coming up at 6:00. >> tonight at 6:00, getting stuck in the mud leads to two men getting arrested. it's because of the damage they caused. the bizarre details ahead at 6:00. >> and a local family says they fear they may have to relive their son's murder all over again because of the u.s. supreme court's ruling. the high court says part of florida's death penalty is unconstitutional.
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